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about Abitrad Investment Inc
Who are we?

Abitrad Investment Inc is an investment platform. The Abitrad Investment Inc leadership team brings many years of experience in trading, crypto-currencies, and software development. is a fairly visible player in the modern market of cryptocurrency investments and attracts attention primarily due to well-coordinated work within the company and productive interaction with customers. In 2019, the company developed an international investment platform to optimize the process of working with numerous users around the world. This allows you to reduce the burden on client managers and ensures stable operation no matter what time zone you are in. The core of our company is people who can be called experts in many fields of application of cryptocurrency: technical specialists who are responsible for organizing and controlling the coin mining, as well as financial managers who correctly allocate financial assets. This team is able to offer you the most high-quality service, which reduces risks to zero and guarantees a stable income.

Our mission & core values
ROBOTS SOLUTION LIMITED seeks to provide trading solutions and significant returns to our customers.

Our solutions are mainly automated and crypto-oriented, but we also take advantage of other markets: Forex, Gold, Stocks, and shares. Some of our trading methods integrate human management to combine the benefits of automated and discretionary trading.

Organization: Abitrad Investment Inc

Company No.: 1190226

Street:12 Cornwallis Road, London, England,

City: London

State: England

Postal Code: SE18 6SL


What makes Abitrad Investment Inc unique?

Focus on the Customer
We spend the time to explain our business model, and we are very responsive. We are reachable by email, phone, and social networks.

Take Ownership
The Abitrad Investment Inc platform is based on automated trading systems; this takes away emotions and works by scalping the markets daily and removing any high-risks trades.

Bitcoin trade
Financial managers of polished their skills in the multi-currency Forex market, for several years they have been offering financial consulting services and managing the assets of many customers around the world. With the development of the market of electronic and digital currencies, we have focused on trading through Bitcoin exchanges. Today the company successfully combines experience and knowledge to ensure uninterrupted operation and a stable result in the trading process.

Private cryptocurrency exchange
In connection with the increasing instances of fraud on the part of exchange offices, many users of cryptocurrency are faced with the problem of secure exchange of electronic money. This problem remains relevant, which is why offers the best cross-rates for exchange in popular areas, the main one of which is Bitcoin. The management of the private exchange service is component and self-confident, our specialists participate in the search for solutions to any non-standard financial problems and tasks.

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